My favorite ice cream…

We tried Coconut Bliss Ice Cream recently at VegFest in San Francisco. I love this product. Finally found an ice cream that I can eat. They use coconut milk to make this product which is why I can eat this. We also found other really tasty products such as instant curries, vegan pizzas, and such there.



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9 responses to “My favorite ice cream…

    • Thanks J.G. Will come by your blog later… Sorry I have been really busy lately. Happy Friday and have a great weekend. :)

    • It’s creamy and really delicious. Comes in at least 3 flavors. The regular coconut one (yum), a vanilla one and a chocolate one. I tried the plain coconut one at the veggie fest and then few weeks later, I was at the green fest and they had the chocolate one there. Omg!

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