A New England Experience @ Nettie’s Crab Shack

This post is a tad late because we actually dined here before the Dungeness Crab Season…

Nettie’s Crab Shack dresses itself like a New England Crab Shack in the middle of Union Street. A bit shabby, a bit chic but very lovable (esp. if you like having a bar and TV tuned to Sports)…


Spicy gumbo, andouille, chicken, peppers, cornbread – What we love is their corn bread. Warm, a bit oily, and delicious. The gumbo is a bit smoky but very flavorful. Although I am no expert on Southern food, my taste buds are telling me that is a great combo…

Fish & chips: anchor steam battered true cod, tartar sauce – Although tasting pretty good with malt vinegar and lemon, this dish was too greasy. (I think this oily (greasy) issue is a technical one (higher temp oil when frying please); however, it still affects the outcome.)

Oyster po’ boy, fully dressed – I must have been spoiled by my po’boy experience in NOLA because this dish did not really measure up to any of the po’boy I had there. The oysters in this dish were dry and lackluster instead of juicy and flavorful (see picture). The bun was good and the redeeming shoe-string fries were great but juicy oysters would have made this MUCH better.

Overall, the dining experience was pleasant. And I have heard really good things about their Crab Feed here, so would totally come back for that in the future to try… After all, this place is a Crab Shack and their main star is their Crab.

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